everything in the garden is lovely(春色滿園)


No admission to 18 years of age

12 EROTIC WATERCOLORS MOUNTED ON CARDBOARD OF QING DYNASTY. FINELY EXECUTED. In elaborate and neat decorations.19.6×16.5cm, 12 watercolors in a cardboard half-folder, no date, place, or author, but Rare with title.each original watercolor on cardstock representing a Chinese erotic scene, Original watercolor drawings. UNIQUE.

Reference:春夢遺葉(Dreams of Spring Erotic Art in China)P113-117 Visions of Traditional Sex Life,荷蘭斐卿书局(The Pepin Press),1997,first edition

MEIGETSU CO., LTD is one of the leading international art dealers specializing Chinese, Japanese, himalayan art and CURIOSA(erotique art), As a regular member of JADN (Japan Art Dealer Association),We guarantee all artifacts to be genuine as described. It is our policy never to deliberately list fakes as genuine. All art listed will always stated as such.

Instead of focusing on a particular domain, Galerie meigetsu concentrates on collecting peculiar and rare fine arts objects with exclusive provenance, presenting museum-quality collectibles from  Asia and Europe. Items are sourced from old noble collections and all objects are not shown anywhere else before being exhibited at the gallery.

We believe art has the power to transform lives and to build understanding across cultures.We believe that the brilliant histories of art belong to everyone, no matter their background.

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